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B&W Crocheted Hat

the blogger formerly known as elvishorli

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B&W Crocheted Hat

0526011015.jpg, originally uploaded by sarieh.

golden raspberries. JAMETH, GO!

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Begin forwarded message.

YES! Where is jameth when you need him? :P

I had no idea you knew James lol. How do you guys know each other?

Golden raspberries was a fun meme.

Oh i stumbled upon him somehow a few years ago, in some wtf-ery community, I'm sure.

Ooooh, cool.

He is a good guy. The last time he was over was my cocoa social. I miss him and a bunch of other friends I haven't seen in awhile.

Hey you know what? I still have those amigurumi things I made for you. I totally slacked on getting them sent out and then I forgot about them, oops. I think I still have your address somewhere. I should get those to you. sorry about that lol.

I never knew they came in that color!

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