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Please vote, I'll bribe you with kittens!
Ginger Kitty
Hello fellow kittypixers!! Macaroni & Cheese's mommy here! It's been a while, I know..

First of all, the main reason I am posting here is because the cat shelter I volunteer for, Carol's Ferals, is up for a $1,000 makeover from moderncat.net. The mods approved my post to ask all you fine folks to help us win by taking ten seconds to click the following link, scrolling to the bottom of the post and cast your vote for Carol's Ferals and Friendlies. One vote per device, which means every single laptop, desktop, cell phone, tablet, etc... If you can't see this, refresh the page or try another browser!


Voting is through May 23rd. Please vote and share...we need EVERY vote we can get. Share it on your twitter, your facebook, any forums you visit...any place that you can get someone to click and vote, we want to post on. VOTES IN THE COMMENTS DO NOT COUNT.

Thank you so much for your help. We are currently in first place, but only by about 27 votes at my last check.

Your reward:

KITTENS. AND LOTS OF THEM!! (+21 kitten pics under the cut)Collapse )


And a recent pic of Mac & Cheese:

Mac's in the front, Cheese is in the back.

BONUS!! VIDEOS!! 4-day old kitten with strong lungs, and a room full of kittens at play!Collapse )

Thanks again for your votes! <3 you guys!


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